What conditions have to be fulfilled by good SEO agency

Taking into account the number of marketing agencies and SEO experts, from among whom we can choose associates in the development and promoting the company, making optimal decision can be extremely difficult and complicated.

In fact it is not possible to define briefly, how good SEO agency should be. Finally the result is the most important, regardless of the fact, if we talk about the increase of the number of visits on the website, conversions, made connections or sold products. Furthermore it is necessary to remember about it that there is never full guarantee of obtaining results. Of course the application of certain optimization practices will always bring a useful effect for the company, but we will be not always able to notice results immediately. However it occurs sometimes that the fault lies on the side of agency. Useless spending money on online marketing, especially in the case of newly established companies, is not pleasant perspective, therefore we present now the guide, which will help You to choose optimal SEO agency for Your website.

However before we will move to discussing it, how the agency should be and other issues related to checking its credibility, we should begin with the preparation of short plan and thinking about own expectations with regard to cooperation.

Have realistic expectations

Now it is time for difficult situations. What can we expect honestly from marketing agency? It depends, because there are many factors that influence it, how quickly and how considerable effects can be brought by the cooperation with the agency. Such things like industry, location, competition, season of the year, how long the website exists, content, feedback links, all this plays important role in determining, what can be seen in results of the agency of digital marketing.

Publish contents regularly

If we just start with publishing content on website, at the beginning it is worth to try to publish a bit more posts in shorter time than it will take place later. However it is necessary not to forget about the quality, because poor posts will not break through the competition, even taking into consideration it, how much Google likes new publications. If you do not have time or idea for it, it is always possible to use the help of copywriter or the company, which will do it for You.

UnderstandYour customer

There is not any substitute for deep understanding target recipients. If You want to have SEO team, which will help You to improve the ranking of existing content, websites etc., You want to give them as big as possible chance to help You to find gaps in content and beat the competition and serve users in the best possible way too.

In order to do it You have to understand your end user. Creating the buyer for each customer in target group is excellent way to understand and adapt the product or the service to their history. Creating buyers and passing them on to own SEO team, experts will have much easier task with formulating ideas concerning content, optimization and promotion.

Clear and detailed objectives

If you do not have specific objectives for SEO company, they will not be able to help You to larger extent more than the optimization of website only, what will not bring too spectacular results, apart from little more traffic.

Choosing the agency we should ensure them clear and concise objectives that are based on metric data. It concerns not only good cooperation, but also about saving Your money.

Exemplary objectives of SEO:

  • The improvement of conversion rates
  • The increase of CTR
  • The increase of traffic on Your website
  • Building better quality of feedback links
  • The improvement of dwell time
  • The management of specific actions
  • The improvement of search rankings

Do not be too thrifty – You get it, what You pay for

One thing, which You have to understand about outsourcing services for SEO companies: there are dozens of them. They compete continuously against each other, because for the most part almost all of them offer exactly the same services wrapped into different brand.

It is true that some processes can be special, but taken as a whole SEO is not so complicated. But it has to be done well. Spending some additional money on hiring the best SEO agency for Your company instead of choosing the cheapest option, which will allow to save several dozen zlotys at the beginning, but will bring losses at later stages, does not seem to be the best solution.

After finishing the first stage we are ready to begin cooperation with SEO agency. However now there are other issues to consider.

Look at specialties and services of the company

If You hire SEO company, look at their website and check, if they specialize in one industry, location or line of services. Check also, if they offer the range of services, which will be useful for Your company. If you are for example local company, your main objective should be finding agency, which specializes in Local SEO. The same concerns online shops, because the optimization and the positioning of shops is much more complicated process than in the case of for example company websites.

Check their reputation

Next important step in the research process during seeking for SEO company is to look at references. Ask for websites, which the agency worked in the past for and record them. Do Your homework and call previous customers to make sure that You received exact information.

Do not forget to ask these customers for direct references of previous SEO services. This due diligence will give You the certainty that You decide on the cooperation with reliable company. The experience has also significant influence.

Explore their portfolio and previous projects

When You hire SEO company, look at the specificity of it, what they did for other customers. It is worth to look at the portfolio to obtain general understanding of their style and kinds of results received by customers. You can also find out, in what way the agency integrates other services with SEO, such as for example pay-per-click (PPC), social media and website designing.

SEO practices

SEO is the service, which can be operated in many ways. Maybe You heard earlier terms “white hat” and “black hat”? Well, make sure that SEO agency chosen by You applies only ethical tactics. Otherwise despite obtaining faster results, Your website can be threatened by getting punishment from Google.

Observe the agency in social media and read their blog

Devote some time to track them on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can read some posts on the blog and subscribe their newsletter. It will give You the sense of their tone, because blogs and social media emphasize usually less formal tone of activity. You can also acquaint Yourself with their knowledge and priorities, looking through content, which they publish.

It is necessary to take note that the audience or followers of agencies are usually different in advertising and marketing industry. So do not be surprised, if You do not feel that content is written for You. After having conversation with employees of the agency, You will be able to choose the way of communication, which will be useful in the case of Your industry and the specificity of customers.


The effectiveness of the majority of actions taken within SEO and Internet marketing can be watched and checked, if they bring intended results. It means that from the very beginning it is worth to come to agreement with the agency on the way of reporting and presenting results. If at the level of negotiations we cannot receive clear information about it, how we will know, if the cooperation is not the waste of money, we should keep it in mind and think it over, if it is whether it is actually profitable.

Ask for fees and contracts

Agencies have different structures. Some of them can work on the basis of hourly fee, while other agencies may want to conclude contract for the period of for example six months. Similarly as in the case of other types of contractors, ask for fees and what expected results will appear at chosen price. You can compare prices of many SEO companies to make sure that chosen agency offers competitive price.

Price list is important part of the process of making decisions, so it should be probably one of the first questions, which You will ask during initial conversation. However usually You obtain it, what You pay for, so choosing the cheapest option may not be in Your best interest. Observe also companies, which will be careful and will listen to Your objectives. Such approach can cause that given company wants actually to take care of its customers and not just of its wallet.

When You will decide on the choice of EO agency, try to create partner relationship with them and even get to know the team better. Optimization of SEO and the promotion of website is not one-time transaction. It is not enough to indicate own expectations and information about the company or website. SEO is continuous process, which requires as good as possible communication between both parties. In fact only then it can bring satisfying effects and results. In other case, if you will present only Your expectations, you can be very disappointed, because if any difficulties will appear, employees of the agency will treat You like any other customer. It means that they will do everything, what is possible, to achieve success, but nothing more. This situation will appear in another way, if You will be more willing to cooperate and You will strive together with professionals for the promotion of website and the company.

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