Creative, ready to act and not being afraid of new challenges-so it is possible to characterize our team in some words.

We run modern SEO agency, we have long-term experience and we undertake to carry out projects, which at the first sight are impossible to conduct. Obstacles? Difficulties? Complications? For us there are not such problems. We treat each task individually, listen to the needs of customers, examine exactly the industry, in which we will act and we create unique designs. It is safe to say that we are often pioneers in the market. We do not like going common ways. We are fascinated by innovations, we seek new solutions and implement in the market ideas, which excite interest and are borne for long time.

Who are we

Our team of employees consists of creative persons who are passionate about IT industry.

We have specialists in the scope:


running social media



-Adwords campaigns;

-SEO audits;

We raise qualifications all the time. We check on trends, which appear in our industry and we have a lot of interesting ideas, which we can put into effect quickly. We are vigorously working team, we have specialist knowledge, we like spending time in our company and we are never bored. We know our weak and strong points. In our group there are a lot of individualists, but if necessary we can act as a team.

What do we deal with

Our SEO agency gained a lot of experence for years of activity and now it can offer all customers full range of services. We know well, what is positioning and how the website can be brought in the first place of results in popular internet search engine. We offer broadly defined marketing and help smaller or larger enterprises to promote specific services or products. We know also very well Adwords campaigns, audits, professional consulting.

If You will need professional support, if You want to establish website and to put into effect any courageous plan, turn to us. First we will listen to Your needs, then we will try to look at the industry, in which You act, at close range and finally we will present You our plan of action. We are together with our customers from beginning to end. We have flexible attitude to many questions, we can create something unique and we will adopt willingly untypical or difficult task.


Relying on our experience and being through many successful projects we wish to assure You that the optimization or positioning websites in so called “difficult industries” is not a problem for us. We cooperated already with owners of websites, which touch on such questions as: gambling, erotic industry, payday loans, casinos. The company can turn to us, which would like to run its own blog, which does not know, how to use Facebook for promotion of its services or which wants, so that its website in internet search engine is visible in first positions on list of results. We inform our customers about each step, we have nothing to hide and we put into effect only original and unique ideas.

Our specialists can not only carry out SEO audit, but also create interesting partner program, which aim will be to attract new customers. We have considerable advantage over competition in the range of affiliations. We designed many such systems, we know, how to pay attention to specific solutions and we create modern, intuitive systems.

Are You interested in professional advertising? Do You want, so that Your online shop, industry portal or blog enjoys a lot of interest of web surfers? Nothing could be simpler. Share Your idea with us and our specialist will prepare for You interesting design. If You do not want Your own idea, but You want to bring Your business into deep end, our team can help You also with it. We are open to new challenges and we just adore, when somebody raises us the bar.

Our experience

Are You the owner of vigorously working business and do You think about effective marketing, but You would like to entrust specialists with a lot of experience with it?

Our team will present You with pleasure its portfolio. We work in the market for over ten years, we are through a lot of interesting executions and we can present You all of them. Thanks to it You will learn that we do not repeat the same patterns, but every time we create something completely else.

We realize perfectly that the web is global tool, in which there are a lot of websites with similar matter. If You will decide on cooperation, You can be sure that our team will become completely involved into entrusted project. We treat Customers individually, but from the beginning we take care of good relationships and we care very much about positive atmosphere.

What distinguishes us

It is safe to say that we are multiagency, which does not focus only on positioning and optimization. The company, which will sign a contract with us, can also count on creating interesting advertisement, on designing partner program, on running social media, on establishing blog and on organizing Adwords campaign. If we will combine with each other some such factors and if we will add to it our creativity and the intention of following new patterns, as a result we will reach original solutions, which will attract attention of web surfers.

Why is it worth, using our services

We are optimists who look at world with open mind. We have much to say in the matter of SEO, we do not lose time and we have at our disposal specialist tools and software, which helps us to put our crazy into effect.

Our mission is continuous development. We want to offer customers high quality of services, we want to be effective and we care about it to be one jump ahead of competition

Are You ready to establish cooperation with us? Do You want, so that tight team of employees looks at close range at Your website and puts into effect any innovative idea? Get in touch with us, tell us, what expectations You have and we will try to fulfill them. We will work at full capacity, we will present You some our solutions and we will prepare initial offer.